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AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Treatment

AcuEnergetics® and Wellness Balances






















Wednesdays 1.30-5.30pm


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AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality with a unique and effective approach to healthy functioning. AcuEnergetics® understands that pain and dysfunction in the body and mind is a result of congested bioelectrical pathways, which can be opened to restore health and eliminate pain. With its comprehensive understanding of the bioelectrical physiology and anatomy of the body, AcuEnergetics® transforms pain and dysfunction in the body and mind, by restoring the natural bioelectrical flow. 

AcuEnergetics® has successfully treated a wide range of complaints including: back & neck pain • stress & anxiety • low energy & chronic fatigue • low immunity • menstrual & fertility issues • hot flushes • knee & shoulder problems • digestive problems • sports injuries & concussions • aches & pains • depression • headaches & migraines • hip pain • breathing problems • burns • post-surgery pain • grief & trauma • frequent urination • prostatitis • cancer support. 

AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances 


In addition to offering treatments for specific complaints, AcuEnergetics® also has a series of Wellness Balances to reduce stress and tension, increase bioelectrical flow, reduce stiffness, strengthen the immune system and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

The AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances include: 

  • Energy Liver Cleanse - Effective in detoxing the liver organ. 

  • Energy Lymph Drainage - Stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts immunity. 

  • Circulation of the Light - Helps with poor circulation, low energy, cold and flu symptoms, reduces stress and jet lag. 

  • Sacral Balance - Beneficial for pain in the spine, legs and pelvic area. 

  • Wind Gates Balance - Excellent for abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, poor digestion, bloating and tension in the abdomen. 

  • Energy Centre Balance - Ideal to have during times of emotional stress. 

  • Thrusting Channels Balance - Increases energy & improves the immune system. 

  • Reverse Sacral Balance - Used pre-pregnancy for optimum health, to improve fertility, and ease pain associated with menstrual disorders. 

  • Pelvic Alignment Balance - Helpful for sciatica and pain in the coccyx, pelvis, and lower back. 

  • Three Spinal Gates Balance - Helps to ease pain and tension in the specific areas of the head, neck and back. 

  • Stomach 4’s Balance - Great for pain in the hips, back and pelvis and tension in the sacro iliac joint.


$150 - 90 MINUTES


$150 - 90 MINUTES


$110 - 60 MINUTES


$150 - 90 MINUTES


$150 - 90 MINUTES

Introductory Offer: One Free Treatment after 5 paid sessions

Introductory Offer: One Free Treatment after 5 paid sessions

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