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COST: $120 per hour

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Focuses on soothing the body and mind through gentle techniques, promoting stress relief and a sense of calm.



Sense of calm

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Relaxation Massage 


Relaxation massage, also known as Therapeutic or Swedish massage, is a style of massage that aims to relax the client by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It involves using oil on skin with a combination of flowing techniques. 


A lot of muscle tension is the result of daily stresses compounding over time. Relaxation massage aims to treat this not only with its calming style, but with a variety of massage techniques that soften and relax the tissues of the body as well as calming the mind. 


Relaxation massage works by using techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and tapotement to create a more flowing and calming massage experience. By working in the direction of blood flow, this style is a great way to increase circulation and remove waste products from the body. 


What are the benefits of relaxation massage?  


A relaxation massage, is as the name describes, a style of massage that promotes relaxation, calm and deep rest. It is a useful tool that has many benefits including: 

  • Activates parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) 

  • Lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone) 

  • Invokes relaxation 

  • Increases circulation  

  • Decreases muscle tension 

  • Improves lymphatic function 

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate


Everyone can benefit from a relaxation massage. Whether you're carrying a lot of unmanaged stress, want to treat yourself or simply need help unwinding, relaxation massage is a gentle way to sooth tired and sore muscles. 


The massage therapist will check in with you regularly during the treatment to assess your comfort levels. If needed, they can make adjustments throughout the treatment to increase or decrease the pressure of the massage so that you get the best results.  




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