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Healing Therapy

Restore and promote well-being in the realms of spirituality and emotions.

Spiritual & Emotional Healing

Recognise & Resolve

Book a Spiritual & Emotional Healing Session with Jo Alora

90 minutes 


45 minutes 


Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual & Emotional Healing with Jo Alora


Jo’s sessions will clear away negative energies caused by daily stress & trauma, clearing the body, mind & soul of blockages from past lives & this present life. We hold negative emotions in our cellular body, our chakras & organs. This can cause chronic illness. With the intention & situation that you bring to your session that can be talked about, we then work on clearing & restoring the woundings & blockages from your body & soul.


During your session we will also give your aura a deep cleanse & look at any curses or entities that maybe attached to you.


On a whole, this session will help vanquish anxiety, stress, depression & chronic fatigue as well as a variety or emotional & mental disorders.


Ridding your body of these blockages enables you to move forward in life with a more positive approach & a loving perspective, thus attracting more positive energies & experiences into your life.

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