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Pilates Based

Core Stability

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Mindful Core Physiotherapy Classes

Calm + Connection

Join Julia from Calm and Connection Physiotherapy


Mindful Core: This class is a fusion of traditional mat-based Pilates and the specialised knowledge of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, creating a comprehensive approach to the health of the pelvic floor, prevention of injuries, and overall physical wellness. Pilates, known for its low-impact exercises, emphasises enhancing the strength, flexibility, and stability of the pelvic floor and core. Integrating physiotherapy tailors this method to be particularly beneficial for those recuperating from injuries, managing ongoing conditions, or seeking an exercise routine that is both mindful and therapeutic. Each session of Mindful Core concludes with a brief mindfulness practice to support general well-being.

Yoga Class

Thursday 5.30 pm

Term 2 starts 2nd May 2024

10 Week Term

Health Fund Rebate Available

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