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A relaxing massage that channels through Divine Grace Blessings especially for you.

Loving Hands Massage + Divine Blessing

Pure Relaxtion

Book a  Loving Hands Massage + Divine Blessing with Jo Alora

60 minutes 



Loving Hands Massage + Divine Blessing


Jo’s massage will take you away…..somewhere heavenly & joyous.

Using long nurturing strokes that are lomi lomi inspired to reduce all the tension in your body on a physical & emotional level.

When having your massage, she will channel through Divine Grace Blessings especially for you. A blessings transmission will help you to awaken & blossom, you will then be in flow. 

All your hearts desires can be fulfilled. You can live a life with ease, joy, abundance & vitality. Divine Grace Blessings brings about biological changes in the brain, reducing the endless chatter of the mind & can bring you fully into the moment where there is only peace & joy and a feeling of oneness.

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