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Spinal energetics play a crucial role in maintaining the body's overall balance and vitality, as the spine serves as a conduit for energy flow throughout the nervous system

Spinal Energetics
+ Reiki

Harness your wisdom

Book a 1:1 Spinal Energetics + Reiki Session with Shannon

60 minutes ~ Initial Session
includes pre intake questionnaire, consultation + spinal energetics and reiki treatment 


60 minutes ~ Follow-up Session
includes follow-upconsultation + spinal energetics and reiki treatment 


Spinal Energetics is a modality developed by Chiropractor and Counsellor Dr Sarah Jane. It is a practice that combines Eastern and Western thought, to interact with a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field, to harness a person’s own innate wisdom to know and heal themselves.

Each living being is not just a physical form but also a being of energy. Energy encompasses each of our aspects; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul: Woven together with our ancestry, experiences, stories, personality, and character.

Energy is a spectrum from underactive to overactive. As Spinal Energetics practitioners, we intend to support our clients in meeting the middle path of homeostasis; balance, as we believe that wellbeing is each person’s birthright.

Through light yet powerful touch (and often no touch), an organic flow of movement and sound begins and progresses to shift, unwind, discover and release tension, resistance, and stories that may have been stored in the body. The movements and sounds are natural and primordial, they are a response to the treatment and are driven by an individual's energy, intuition and instinct.

Spinal Energetics is not something we ‘do’ to a client, it is a practice of collaboration to cultivate and support deep self-awareness in our clients to help them soften and-or strengthen patterns of resistance and-or submission that may be preventing wellbeing from flowing to them.

Influenced by various modalities, such as Network Spinal, Kundalini Activation Process, Alpha Alignment, Shamanism, Inner Dance, Reiki, Esoteric Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Trauma Release and Pranayama. With the incorporation of philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Medicine, Yogic and Meditative traditions.

What is Spinal Energetics?

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